About the Forum

Just as ecosystems come in many forms (e.g. natural and human managed; terrestrial, coastal and marine), so do the communities who depend on and manage them (e.g. government, business and industry, local and indigenous, academic, non-government, consulting). This Forum will bring together these communities into one on ecosystem services, to workshop, discuss and present best practice and state-of-the-art methods and experiences relating to healthy ecosystems for resilient communities.


Proudly supported and building on the success of ACES (A Community on Ecosystem Services), the Forum will:

  • bring together the growing ecosystem services community (e.g. researchers, practitioners and decision makers from government, non-government, business and industry, academia, consulting, indigenous groups, youth and local communities) from around the world (especially the Oceania region) involved in identifying, measuring, valuing and making decisions about ecosystem services;
  • link best practice ecosystem services science, planning, governance, valuation, mapping, modelling and management with the needs of the communities;
  • mobilise and engage communities in relevant regional and global initiatives (e.g. IPBES, SDGs, CBD, Ramsar);
  • provide a platform for the global ecosystem services community (especially those in the Oceania region) to present, discuss and brainstorm ecosystem services approaches to addressing our most pressing challenges (e.g. climate change, invasive species, natural hazards, resilient communities whilst retaining cultural identity, natural resource security, waste);
  • create a community of practice to ensure long-term opportunities for the global ecosystem services community (especially those in Oceania) to interact and share knowledge, information, data and tools that improve the capacity of themselves and others to understand, use and implement ecosystem services concepts in their decision making.

Three Committees provide local knowledge, stakeholder engagement, and scientific and program advice: the Local Organising Committee (LOC); the Regional Organising Committee (ROC); and the International Advisory Committee (IAC). The Committees would like to thank the Supporters of the first Oceania Ecosystem Services Forum (Brisbane, Australia: 27th – 31st March 2017). The Forum will be held every 2 years in different nations around the Oceania region.


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