2nd Oceania Ecosystem Services Forum

‘Creating healthy communities and ecosystems for a resilient future’
2-6 September 2019, Ōtautahi (Christchurch), Aotearoa New Zealand

Kia ora!

The 2nd Oceania Ecosystm Services Forum (OESF) will build on the success of the first OESF held in Brisbane, Australia in 2017, which raised the profile of the value of ecosystems in decision-making in the Oceania region.

The 2019 OESF aims again to bring together policy-makers, businesses, community leaders and researchers with the aspiration of ‘Creating healthy communities and ecosystems for a resilient future’.

This forum is part of ACES – A Community on Ecosystem Services.

Why a forum on ecosystem services in Oceania?

The Oceania region contains a diverse range of conservation and production ecosystems, from natural growth to planted forests, high-producing pasture to tussock grasslands, high-value commercial aquaculture to kelp, forests to protected marine environments, mangroves to montane forests, and wetlands to deserts.

All these ecosystems provide significant contributions to the region’s economy, environment, society and culture.

However, many of these ecosystem services continue to remain poorly understood and are not always visible or represented in decision-making.

An ecosystem services framework, alongside with other approaches, provides an opportunity to account for both monetary and non-monetary values in policy and decision-making processes.

Forum objectives

The 2019 OESF objectives are to:

  • connect communities, businesses, policy makers and researchers working on ecosystem services and resilient communities;
  • showcase diverse practices, knowledge (practical, traditional, indigenous, academic) and policies that contribute to increasing the health of communities and their ecosystems; and
  • discuss new approaches and actions that diverse ecosystem services teams use to address climate change, biodiversity and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Call for abstracts – Submission deadline: Wednesday 3 April 2019

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Get involved

If you would like to get involved by organizing a workshop, a session or other activity, please get in touch with the 2019 OESF Organising Team (Richard Yao, Sandra Velarde, Tim Payn, Simone Maynard) via the forum email (oceaniaesforum@gmail.com).

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We look forward to meeting you in Ōtautahi (Christchurch) in September!