Registration is now open for OESF 2019 to be held at the Rydges Latimer Hotel from Monday 2nd to Friday 6th September 2019 in Christchurch, New Zealand. Register here.

Download the OESF 2019 Advanced Programme Overview (as of 14 August 2019)


Presentation Sessions

Presentation Sessions provide an opportunity for researchers, practitioners and decision makers from all sector communities and disciplines to orally and visually present their high quality academic, traditional, theoretical and practical knowledge on ecosystem services.

Presentations will run for 15 minutes, with and additional 4 minutes for participants’ questions. Presentation Guidelines can be found here.

Presentations will be delivered during parallel streams and based on OESF2019_topics.

These are the OESF 2019 parallel sessions:

Wednesday 4th September


  • SESSION 1a: Multiple conceptualization of valuation and assessment of natural capital and ecosystem services
  • SESSION 1b: Capacity building, empowerment, education & communication
  • SESSION 1c: Ecosystem services & business; and sustainable development


  • SESSION 2a: Experiences and learning in developing and using environmental-economic accounting & ecosystem assessment
  • SESSION 2b: Indigenous and local knowledge on ecosystem services and their contribution to wellbeing or good quality of life
  • SESSION 2c: Using ecosystem services and nature’s contribution to people concepts at a sector level including in forestry, agriculture, fisheries

Thursday 5th September


  • SESSION 3a: Land and sea scape planning
  • SESSION 3b: Institutional and legal frameworks, and poly-centric governance for employing an ecosystem services approach to natural resource decision making
  • SESSION 3c: Public & private investment in ecosystem services (eg REDD+, PES, green finance, market-based & voluntary mechanisms) & impact investments


  • SESSION 4a: Climate Change
  • SESSION 4b: ES & urban ecosystems
  • SESSION 4c: ES & protected areas management


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