Presentation Sessions

Submissions have closed for presentation but please contact us if you would like to discuss a workshop, event, etc:


Presentation Sessions provide an opportunity for researchers, practitioners and decision makers from all sector communities and disciplines to orally and visually present their high quality academic, traditional, theoretical and practical knowledge on ecosystem services. Presentations will run for 15 minutes, with and additional 5 minutes for participants’ questions. Presentation Guidelines can be found here. Presentations will be delivered during parallel streams. Streams will be based on the following broad topics.

Topic 1: Knowledge (both mainstream and indigenous), data, assessment and reporting of ecosystem services

  • Multiple conceptualization of Valuation and assessment of natural capital and ecosystem services
  • Experiences and learning in developing and using environmental-economic accounting
  • Study of status and trends  of natural capital and ecosystem services (current state/condition, trends/changes) with holistic indicators *(economic and social, institutional and governance oriented)
  • Advances in national reporting on biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • Capacity building/education on the above topics.

Topic 2: Ecosystem services in decision-making processes

  • Public-private investment in ecosystem services (e.g. REDD+ payments for ecosystem services, green finance, market-based and voluntary mechanisms) and impact investments
  • Using ecosystem services and nature’s contribution to people concepts at a sector level including in forestry, agriculture, fisheries, water and tourism
  • Building capacity of existing ecosystem services networks and communities of practice, including support for gender empowerment, youth skills development and empowerment generation
  • Institutional and legal frameworks, and poly-centric governance for employing an ecosystem services approach to natural resource decision making
  • Challenges and opportunities in integrating information on bio-cultural ecosystem services into decision-making
  • Capacity building/education on the above topics.

Topic 3: Connections between natural capital, ecosystem services and human wellbeing

  • Integrated ecological, economic, social and spatial approaches for examining ecosystem connections
  • Indigenous and local knowledge on ecosystem services and their contribution to wellbeing or good quality of life
  • The role of natural capital and ecosystem services in human wellbeing and good quality of life approaches
  • Capacity building/education on the above topics.

Topic 4: Integration of ecosystem services across landscapes, sectors and disciplines

  • Strengthening ecosystem services connections across mountains to sea through resilience and transboundary approaches
  • Multi-sectoral, multi-scale and transdisciplinary research, policy or practice on ecosystem services
  • Integrating and mainstreaming climate change, sustainable development goals and biodiversity
  • Capacity building/education on the above topics.

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