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What is a Town Hall Meeting?

No, it is not a meeting at the Council. But these events are run in a similar way – where leaders in the ES community meet with the broader community to hear from them on topics of interest, or to discuss new collaborations, ideas, or opportunities, to launch important products (e.g. books, open access tools) or major projects.

Each Town Hall Meeting is under the guidance and direction of the Meeting Organiser who moderates a lively discussion. In these informal settings attendees are encouraged to share their voice, take an active role and participate in discussions led by the moderator! Town Hall Meetings will run for up to 45 mins.

Places for Town Hall Meetings are very limited.


Current Town Hall Meetings

(this page is updated as the program developments)

Town Hall Meeting 1: EcoAdapt in the Pacific

EcoAdapt in the Pacific is a five-year multi-disciplinary research project that aims to identify appropriate adaptation interventions in the coastal zone of Pacific island states and territories in the face of a rapidly changing climate and ongoing capital-intensive development. The focus of this Town Hall Meeting is to present work undertaken by the economic and social science teams in the context of Tanna Island, Vanuatu. Topics covered include the development and application of a remotely operable, rapid assessment methodology for valuing ecosystem services at national and regional scales, the outcome of a social benefit-cost analysis of ecosystem-based climate change adaptation, an application of Q-method to reveal dominant discourses towards natural resource management and sustainable development, and approaches to climate change adaptation for human settlements and ecosystems, with a particular focus on aspects of resilience, adaptive capacity and the goals of adaptation.


Time: tba

Room: tba

Meeting Organisers: Griffith University, Climate Change Response Program



Town Hall Meeting 2: New Zealand’s engagement in IPBES

IPBES – the International Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services – is a platform whose role is to provide regular assessments of the status of biodiversity and ecosystem services (BES), and catalyse new developments in BES research. A panel of scientific and science-policy experts will introduce key elements of the IPBES work programme, and the innovations that the platform is catalysing and delivering to the international ES community to bend the curve of biodiversity decline. These include:

  • Assessments, including the 2019 IPBES Global Assessment, the 2018 Asia-Pacific Regional Assessment, and other recent thematic and methodological assessments.
  • Innovations at the science policy interface from the Scenarios and Models Task Force and the Values Assessment which endeavor to bring the diversity of human relationships with and values for nature into the development of a new global biodiversity scenarios approach.
  • The Capacity Building Task Force’s role in sharing learnings and tools, and building capacity in both BES science and assessments and at the science-policy interface.

The panel will conclude with input from national policy advisors on how IPBES can be used to shape and influence national BES policies, particularly with respect to the post-2020 Biodiversity Framework.

Meeting Organisers: National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA)


Time: tba

Room: tba

Town Hall Meeting 3: Standards and Principles for Nature-based Solutions

Meeting Organisers: International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

Time: tba

Room: tba

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