Community Events are free and open to EVERYONE!


Community Events provide an opportunity for local, indigenous and academic knowledge systems to interact. These interactive events identify, highlight, describe, communicate or provide experiences on how ecosystems provide benefits to people (ecosystem services). The focus of these community led events are:

  • bottom-up (e.g. community volunteering, monitoring, science, collaboration, partnerships, education, conservation/management);
  • showcase principles of ‘subsidiarity’ (an organising principle that matters ought to be handled by the smallest, lowest or least centralised competent authority); and/or
  • share traditional or local knowledge through media other than formal presentations, posters, workshops etc.

If interested in running a Community Event please contact OESF 2019 organizers: 

The Tuesday Club at Smash Place

Forum delegates are welcome to join “The Tuesday Club at Smash Place” – Tuesday 3rd September 6pm (on the dot). The Tuesday Club features sustainability talks each week. Note there is a limited capacity for this event due to venue size:   (10 minute walk from the forum venue).