The Oceania Ecosystem Services Forum is an excellent opportunity for organisations to promote their values, services and products, and meet thought leaders and scientists involved in the advancement of ecosystem services of importance to their business.


Why a forum on ecosystem services in Oceania?

SCION logo 2The Oceania region contains a diverse range of conservation and production ecosystems, from natural growth to planted forests, high-producing pasture, tussock grasslands, commercial aquaculture, kelp forests, marine environments, mangrove ecosystems, montane forests, wetlands and deserts. All these ecosystems provide significant contributions to the region’s economy, environment, society  and culture.

Many ecosystem services derived from these environments continue to remain poorly understood, and their value is not always visible or represented in decision-making. An ecosystem services framework, alongside other nature-based approaches, provides an  opportunity to account for both the monetary and non-monetary values of ecosystems in policy and decision-making processes.


What are the benefits of supporting OESF 2019 or holding a trade display?

  • the ability to showcase and enhance your organisation’s prominence in the ecosystem services space and as a community leader;
  • to provide the opportunity to display and contribute to your organisation’s sustainability goals and responsibilities;
  • to promote and enhance brand awareness within the ecosystem services community;
  • to learn best practice ecosystem services approaches, that value add to your current activities; and
  • to interact, cultivate and strengthen organisational relationships with government, private, non-governments, business and industry, academic and community sectors.

Below are the levels and benefits of financial support:

OESF 2019 Sponsorship opportunities

We welcome sponsorship in the form of funding or in-kind support from organisations within Oceania and internationally. Please see the OESF 2019 Sponsorship Prospectus for a description of sponsorship opportunities. Please contact OESF 2019 organisers if you have any questions or wish to support OESF 2019: 


Major sponsors:







Silver sponsor:



MBIE plays a central role in shaping and delivering a strong New Zealand economy. Our contribution to improving the well-being of New Zealanders is summarised in our purpose, to grow New Zealand for all. ‘Grow’ relates to economic performance. To achieve the standard of living and quality of life for today and for future generations we need a well-performing economy through productive and sustainable use of resources across New Zealand.

‘For all’ means all people have an opportunity to participate in and benefit from the economy

For us, success looks like:

  • prosperous and adaptable people, sectors and regions
  • people are skilled and engaged in safe and fulfilling work
  • informed consumers and businesses interacting with confidence
  • value is sustainably derived from the natural environment
  • a dynamic business environment fostering innovation and international connections.

These aspirations are echoed in our Māori identity – Hīkina Whakatutuki – which broadly means ‘lifting to make successful’.

Thank you to our OESF 2019 supporters to date:

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