Pacific Islander Fellows, Pacific youth scholarship & AGMARDT Fellowships


Pacific Fellowship “Collaborate Pacific”

Congratulations to the selected Pacific Islander Fellows who will attend the Oceania Ecosystem Services Forum (OESF 2019). The Fellows are covered  through a successful application made by Scion to the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) Collaborate Pacific contestable fund.

The selected Pacific Islander Fellows attending OESF 2019 are:

  • Fiji: Bindiya Rashni and Dr. Joeli Veitayaki
  • Solomon Islands: Henry Vavu Kaniki
  • Vanuatu: Jessie Kampai and Serge Warakar
  • Papua New Guinea: Natalie Colleen Reddy Mangipu and Junior Novera
  • Cook Islands: Mary McDonal and Kate McKessar
  • Tonga: Dr Salome Visitasio Taufa

Details on eligibility and the selection criteria can be found on the Expression of Interest form.

Funding opportunity for Pacific Islands citizens: Applications are now closed. 

(Second round closed: 10 May 2019) (First round closed: 3 April 2019)



Pacific Youth Scholarship

The Rotorua Pacific Islands Development Charitable Trust and Board Members selected Jimah Ruland-Umata, to represent Pacific youth to present on the Youth and Climate Change Panel at the OESF 2019. Jimah’s ancestry is Cook Island, Tahitian, Samoan, German and Māori. This scholarship opportunity was made possible by the Rotorua Pacific Islands Development Charitable Trust and Scion.



AGMARDT Fellowships

These Fellows are covered  through a successful application made by Scion to AGMARDT. They will present at the plenary sessions and participate in the entire OESF 2019:

  • Dr Simone Maynard, Simone Maynard Consulting, IUCN CEM
  • Dr Robert Deal, USDA
  • Ms Faalualuo (Floris) Niu, Ms Sunshine Farms