Side Events provide an opportunity for member based organisations to hold meetings or experts to hold discussions on high-level topics. One side events was scheduled during the Forum on Wednesday 29th March (5:20 – 6:10 pm / Lawson 2 room).

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IUCN and Ecosystem Services: Oceania and Beyond

IUCN cordially invited all IUCN Members and Non-Members
to attend a side event at the Oceania Ecosystem Services Forum. Exploring IUCN’s strategies and work on ecosystem services and nature based solutions, both in the region and globally, the event covered:

  • Introduction to IUCN and its role and experience on ecosystem services
  • Briefing on IUCN global and regional strategies
  • Examples of work and publications from IUCN Oceania, Asia, IUCN Commissions and the IUCN Committees in Australian and New Zealand
  • Collaboration between IPBES and IUCN
  • IUCN partnerships and Commission membership

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